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Uzo Ometu the Media ManUzo Ometu, aka the Media Man, analyzes and opines on the business of showbiz, tech and media.

The “Media Man” blog has one clear objective: to have no objective at all!

Okay, that’s a bit of a lie; after all, our focus will primarily cover the media & entertainment industry along with those “technology” companies, which are really just media companies not located in New York City or Los Angeles.

But in trying to be introspective, open and forward thinking, we certainly won’t limit the discussion to the latest box office numbers or last night’s television ratings. Instead, we hope to look at the media industry as a whole. You know; what’s the “State of the Industry,” where’s the industry going, and how long before we get there?

Uzo Ometu (@uzonyc), founder of Black Oak Enterprises, will lead the conversation, but plenty of other media pioneers, leaders and entrepreneurs will join us and help write intelligent blog posts and produce brilliant podcasts that will make us a little smarter at the end of the day—Lord knows Uzo won’t do that!

So sit back and relax as Black Oak Enterprises, and Uzo, try to add to the media industry conversation. You know what they say; if you can’t beat’em, write about them. And that’s what we’re doing. For now…

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Additional Note: Currently, Uzo Ometu is an employee of Google Inc. However, all thoughts and opinions shared on this blog, the podcast or the newsletter are those of the writers of this blog. Any statements made on this blog or its podcast are those of the aforementioned writers, not Google Inc.

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