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Aereo Wins Again…But Victory Won’t Last Long

Aereo has won yet another decision. This time, it was a court denying a motion to re-hear a case that originally ruled it was okay for Aereo to go about their business of re-transmitting broadcasters content via the internet to … Continue reading

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Will Our Beloved AOL Ever Thrive Again?

The verdict is in! According to, in the race to build the best alternative to the now deceased Google RSS Reader, the winner is… Not AOL. did an analysis of some of the leading candidates that attempted to … Continue reading

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Netflix is Changing the Game…for Everyone

In today’s Wall Street Journal, there was an article that basically described how Netflix was shaking up Hollywood by providing an alternative distribution partner for studios to profit from and consider when making original programming. This of course is not a … Continue reading

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Is Sheen the Model for Future Stars Looking to Get Paid?

Charlie Sheen is unquestionably considered to be on the wrong side of crazy, but the man knows business. It makes complete sense for you to dislike him for his internet tirades, trouble with the law, kidnapping of a prostitute and … Continue reading

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