Media Man Podcast #52 – Is Video the New Content Farm?

Media Man Podcast, Media, Showbiz, Entertainment, TechIn this episode of the Media Man Podcast, Uzo talks about video maker Tastemade and its ability to churn out tons of videos every month. Is it possible that making so much video, that’s getting a lot of views and making a lot of money, could draw the same type of interest that Huffington Post did prior to the peak of Demand Media–a content farm that eventually was rendered defeated after search engines adjusted their rankings in a way that spurned the SEO-ification of content…? My guess is that you already know what Uzo thinks.

#Butfirst, Uzo talks about Facebook’s need for video and why its hard stance against media companies could be its undoing. And with the Nightly Show literally in its last days, Uzo tells you why it got cancelled, and why it wasn’t that bad.

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