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Vice’s Hookup with Pay-TV Represents More of the Status Quo

I don’t know who should be happier. CEO Shane Smith, who just reportedly sold 10% of the company he founded, Vice Media, at a valuation of $2.5 billion, or all of the traditional cable media barons, who just saw the … Continue reading

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Media Man Podcast Ep. #023 – Vice, Fox Sports 1, and the Summer Box Office

The Media Man discusses A+E’s new stake in Vice Media and what it means for the once forward-thinking media enterprise. Uzo also talks about this summer’s decline in box office revenues and the reasoning behind his lofty predictions for Fox Sports … Continue reading

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Steve Balmer Isn’t Paying for the Clippers, Cable Subscribers Are

Everyone out there is commenting on the fact that Steve Ballmer is paying too much for the Los Angeles Clippers. And while I would love to get into a Gladwell-esque philosophical debate about why sports teams shouldn’t even be considered … Continue reading

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AT&T Buys DirecTV… So What?

You know how sometimes something happens in your life and everyone around you is excited about it, but you’re just not sure that you should be? It’s like there’s this one nagging thing you can’t get off your mind, and … Continue reading

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Media Man Podcast Ep. #006 – WWE, Bravo TV and Net Neutrality

On this episode of the Media Man Podcast, Uzo talks about the implications, or lack thereof, of the government’s ruling on Net Neutrality, the ubiquity of blacks on Bravo’s Sunday night lineup and the WWE’s potential cannibalization of its ever-lasting … Continue reading

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Multicultural TV Strategy: The Race for the Races

As a semi-young, black, American citizen interested in developing his own media empire, I undoubtedly think about how race will play into developing an American-based media company for the next generation. The browning of America is undoubtedly changing the landscape … Continue reading

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And the Real OTT Service Threat Is…

As you all know, I love to talk about the “race to save the cable ecosystem.” To put it simply, the cable industry and its content providers rely on a system in which content can be packaged with other content, … Continue reading

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In a Hi-Tech World, Cable Still Rules

Cable operating companies are doing very well. Of course, I don’t see Black Oak Enterprises or myself ever getting into that business. I learned a long time ago that dealing in businesses involving one’s home is not something for me.

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