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Media Man Podcast #32 – Vessel Tries to Out-Google Google?

In this episode, Uzo talks about Vessel’s strategy to out-Google Google, Playstation Vue’s eventual defection to the Mouse and why CNE may have gotten their content strategy all wrong.     You can checkout the podcast at iTunes: Media Man Podcast … Continue reading

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Can Content Be King Again?

Since I have returned to blogging, I have probably brought up the fact that content is not king several times. That is until last week, when I suggested that in the battle for PayTV supremacy, where the content goes may … Continue reading

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Replication in media & tech is dead; Just ask Bing

I was watching a commercial for Bing, Microsoft’s search engine platform, and I couldn’t help but be amazed by the sheer embarrassment through which they put themselves through. Here they are, making these over-the-top commercials, with people looking silly, while … Continue reading

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