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Media Man Podcast #34 – “The Interview” & The Oscars

Uzo finally got his butt off the holiday couch and got back in the media game! Today, he talks about how “The Interview” isn’t really a digital success story, YouTube is now in a very competitive environment, and The Oscars … Continue reading

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Media Man Podcast #21 – How Do Movies Make Money?

In this episode, we talk about how the revenues and expenses associated with how movies make money during their theatrical release. We always lead the show with “Media by the Numbers,” and you host, Uzo Ometu, makes snarky comments about … Continue reading

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The Digital Newfronts – What did they miss?

The digital newfronts from some of the internet’s biggest players have come and gone over the past 2 weeks. Unless you’re a media junkie or in the business of buying and selling media inventory, you probably didn’t even know they … Continue reading

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Media Man Podcast Ep. #007 – Netflix, Studios Go Web and The Grammys

Uzo talks about the decision by some studios to invest in their own disruption, the surge in Netflix’s stock price, the fall of the Grammys, and why he can’t believe Lamar lost 7 times.

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Media Man Podcast Ep. #4: TV Networks, Bad Music and Demand Media

It is time for the 4th episode of the Media Man podcast. In case you haven’t been paying attention, we are doing our best to bring the talk of media, entertainment and technology news to a podcast near you. So … Continue reading

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Can Content Be King Again?

Since I have returned to blogging, I have probably brought up the fact that content is not king several times. That is until last week, when I suggested that in the battle for PayTV supremacy, where the content goes may … Continue reading

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