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Media Man Podcast #37 – High Maintenance, HBO, Web Series & Time Warner Cable

In this episode, Uzo talks about the web series “High Maintenance,” HBO and Time Warner Cable!           You can checkout the podcast at iTunes: Media Man Podcast on iTunes You can download us at Stitcher Radio: Media Man … Continue reading

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Steve Balmer Isn’t Paying for the Clippers, Cable Subscribers Are

Everyone out there is commenting on the fact that Steve Ballmer is paying too much for the Los Angeles Clippers. And while I would love to get into a Gladwell-esque philosophical debate about why sports teams shouldn’t even be considered … Continue reading

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Media Man Podcast Ep. #008 – Comcast Buys Time Warner Cable

In this episode of the Media Man Podcast, Uzo talks about Comcast buying Time Warner Cable. Specifically, he touches on what it means for your ability to watch TV, the consequences for Net Neutrality and the future of television, cable … Continue reading

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Home Team Isolation in NYC May Spell Trouble for the NFL

Today, everyone is talking about the potential blackouts for some of the playoff teams in the first round of the NFL playoffs, but that’s not my issue. While such an issue could be bad news for the NFL as people … Continue reading

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CBS Wins Battle…But Will it Win the War?

When I was growing up, one of the adages I always took to heart was “perception is reality.” As someone that wanted to grow up and be involved in the media, I always looked at news stories and celebrity gossip … Continue reading

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